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Our Films and How to Buy a Ticket

We show a variety of films in an effort to cover a wide range of tastes. We regularly invite audiences attending our screenings to suggest films for the future that are then voted for and become our “Audience Choice” selection.

All tickets are £5 and can be purchased from Barnwell’s newsagents on the Market Place, Aylsham


Fri 22 September, 2017


Fri 20 October, 2017


Fri 10 November, 2017


Fri 8 December, 2017


Fri 19 January, 2018


Fri 16 February, 2018

Affordable Film

We show films in the Town Hall located in the Market Place of Aylsham. We screen a range of film genres with all funds raised through ticket sales reinvested into future film and events programming. We keep our ticket prices affordable at £5 each – available from Barnwell’s newsagent.

Film Season

We have a full season of films to see at the Town Hall each month. You can download a copy of our brochure to your desktop by using the link above.

Education Projects

We have longer term plans to develop an educational programme – working with local schools, colleges and the wider community in celebrating film and the arts in Aylsham. Why not join our volunteer teams to help with this aspect of the project?

Aylsham Picture House is a not-for-profit organisation

We rely on ticket sales to fund our screenings.  Additional donations will help keep future ticket prices affordable and fund special events and educational programmes in the longer term.

Donate Now

We Love Film

Everyone involved with Aylsham Picture House shares a real love of film. We hope that there will be something for every taste in our programming choice.
– More about our Film Season
– Members of Cinema for All
– Members of Creative Arts East: Village Screen
– Recorded live performances provided through Cinegi

We Love Aylsham

We all share a love of living in Aylsham – it retains an authenticity that makes living here very special. We hope our plans will add something extra special to the lives of all residents.
Aylsham Town Council
More about Aylsham

We love the Arts

We don’t see the Arts as a luxury but as an essential part of life. As Aylsham Picture House grows we want to develop a strong arts programme including  music, drama and other types of live performance.

We Love Learning

Aylsham Picture House plans to create a broad programme of educational projects for everyone in our community – from those of school/college age to those wanting to engage in life-long learning.