We raised funds to enable 3 graduates from NUA to work on a Film Commission. Finley Jeffrey-Green was chosen to lead a small team, including Amy Howard and Eleanor Linder to work on this project.

The film – see above – was based on Aylsham as a place to live and work with Finley brought his proven creative skills to  design and realise this animation to life with fantastic observation and drawing skills combined with a strong sense for storytelling.


NUA Graduate Valentina Huckova was appointed  workshop leader. She is experienced in leading workshops and taster sessions for NUA in schools and colleges and has a strong interest in education. In addition to this Eszter Sando and Grace Maller helped complete this amazing team of mentors who worked with students during Activities week at Aylsham High School (July 15 to 19, 2019).

The students worked in small groups to

  • generate ideas and invent characters
  • create character design for animation
  • create a storyboard for animation
  • animate using stop motion
  • work together to make a short film

Students also visited NUA prior to the Activities Week to meet the mentors and see the Degree Showreels of the Graduates from the NUA Animation course, 2019.

This was an opportunity for students to discover the opportunities that exist for people choosing courses leading to well-paid and inspirational jobs in the creative industries and in particular, within animation and film making.