Moving forward

Sorry if its been a bit quiet, but its not because nothing is happening, its just that we’ve been a little busy.

The purchase grinds on, in the way that legal stuff does.

We’ve met a huge number of workmen and professionals on site to work out what work needs doing and how best to do it.

The committee have had some really positive meetings, and we are beginning to work out the questions we need answers to.

Seating, heating, projection, double glazing, roofing, fund raising, technical drawings … the list goes on and the investigation and in some cases the work is under way.

If you or someone you know can help us in any way then we’d love to hear from you.  Its not too late to join the committee or would like to offer us your skills in some way..

We’ll update again soon, but in the meantime please keep inviting your friends to like our social media and keeping emailing us to say what you’d like to see at the Aylsham Film & Arts Centre.

GCSE Students Get Creative

We are really proud to be working with about 80 art students from Aylsham High School, who will be producing posters and artwork for the Aylsham Film & Arts Centre as part of their final GCSE exam in a few weeks time.

Aylsham Afloat - A previous project by Aylsham High School art students
Aylsham Afloat – A previous project by Aylsham High School art students

Yesterday Isabel and Jason presented the vision of the Aylsham Film & Arts Centre to the students, who will now have 5 weeks to develop their ideas before producing a piece of work in 10 hours.

A big thank you to Mrs Homewood, the Head of Art at Aylsham High School, for setting up this project.  We are really excited about what the students will produce and it’s fabulous to already be connecting our project with the community in such a positive way.

We hope to arrange a visit to the Old Baptist Church with the students, so they can see the space and find further inspiration for their exam pieces.

For news from the Aylsham High School Art Department, follow them on Twitter: @AHS_Art

© Imagery by Debby Besford

Another step forward

Our bid has been chosen as the preferred bid by the East Midland Baptist Trust Company Limited and their agents Arnolds Keys, so now its all about paperwork rather than competition.

We aren’t shouting from the rooftops just yet, as there are the legals to sort, searches and surveys to carry out, contracts to sign and of course money to be paid.  We’ve taken a huge step in the right direction, but any lawyer would rightly point out, it’s all Subject to Contract.

The committee will be working hard over the next few weeks to piece together the costings, the fundraising plan and we’ll be in touch to tell you more very soon.  If you know of professionals or tradesmen who might help us then please put them in touch.

In the meantime, please keep inviting your friends to like us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.  Please continue to tell us your hopes for the place and generally keep being excited about this amazing community opportunity.

First Meeting went really well!

Pleased to report that the first committee meeting went really well.  Lots of good discussion around the table, some clear decisions made and some real clarity about the way forward.

The major decision was to name the project – Aylsham Film & Arts Centre – The idea is to create a place to watch films and performance arts.

There’s lots of questions still to answer, but we are beginning to understand what those questions are.

We’d love your support for the idea.  Please like the Facebook Page and tell us what sort of shows you’d like to see at the Aylsham Film & Arts Centre.  Also please tell your friends.

Members of the committee will be talking to businesses in Aylsham and the surrounding area, talking to neighbours, researching and generally moving the project forwards.

We now have to put together our bid and hope we are successful in securing the building, so that the first big step of the project has been taken.