Aylsham Picture House recommends II

We thought it was time for some more recommendations from our committee and supporters. Once again please find below synopses and links to trailers for some great films, along with suggestions on where you can find the films.

Deux Jours Un Nuit/Two Days One Night (French, subtitles) 2014
A young woman has just one weekend to convince her colleagues to give up their bonuses, so that she can keep her job.  A sensitive and quietly powerful film.
View the trailer here

(Amazon Prime, Chili, iTunes, BFIPlayer, Youtube)

The Two Popes 2019
In the Vatican, Pope Benedict and the future Pope Francis discuss and argue to find a consensus between their respective conservative and progressive viewpoints, to forge a new path for the Catholic Church. Brilliantly acted by Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins. Clever, subtle and entertaining.
View the trailer here


Leave No Trace 2018
A father and daughter live a secluded existence in a beautiful nature reserve in Oregon.  When a small mistake reveals their existence to the authorities they are sent on an increasingly erratic journey in search of a new home. ‘a powerful and poignant story’… ‘immensely moving’…
View the trailer here

(Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, BFIPlayer)

Spotlight 2015
In 2001 journalists of the Boston Globe set out to investigate allegations of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. Gripping and intelligent dramatisation of a very painful and complex story which needs to be told.
View the trailer here
(Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, BFIPlayer)

We hope you enjoy some (or all?) of these films, and please continue to look after yourself and your nearest and dearest.

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