First Meeting went really well!

Pleased to report that the first committee meeting went really well.  Lots of good discussion around the table, some clear decisions made and some real clarity about the way forward.

The major decision was to name the project – Aylsham Film & Arts Centre – The idea is to create a place to watch films and performance arts.

There’s lots of questions still to answer, but we are beginning to understand what those questions are.

We’d love your support for the idea.  Please like the Facebook Page and tell us what sort of shows you’d like to see at the Aylsham Film & Arts Centre.  Also please tell your friends.

Members of the committee will be talking to businesses in Aylsham and the surrounding area, talking to neighbours, researching and generally moving the project forwards.

We now have to put together our bid and hope we are successful in securing the building, so that the first big step of the project has been taken.

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