New programme audience suggestions

We are in the process of programming the next six months of films at APH, and are excited about our Audience Choices. Some films have been suggested by audience members and one will be included in the next scheduled programme from September through to February 2017. To view the list under consideration, please go to Which Film ? – Audience Choice.

Get involved today

Following up from the results of our survey we now have a clearer idea of our plans to bring pop-up cinema to the heart of Aylsham. Take a look at the various teams we have established and decide what works best for you and let us know what aspect you would like to get involved with.

Don’t be shy and no previous experience is necessary, just a passion for film and bringing something new to the life of Aylsham.



Survey News

APH-header2Don’t miss out on your chance to shape the way in which we all work together in creating a space for film and the arts in Aylsham.

The deadline for receiving completed surveys has been extended to Monday, June 8th. We have had a good response so far and hope you will add your voice to inform the decisions made in bringing cinema and other art forms to Aylsham for residents to enjoy over the coming months. Remember to complete the survey and enter into the FREE prize draw to WIN cinema tickets and some luxury chocolates!

Please note this survey is now closed

Listening to Aylsham’s Voice

As a group, we have always been aware that before we can move forward with this project we need to hear the voices of as many fellow residents of Aylsham as possible. That is why we have created this survey so that you can have your say. You can either fill in this survey online or complete copies that will appear in the next issue of Just Aylsham, due to arrive in households by mid-May.  You can also pick up a copy of the survey from the offices of Just Aylsham on Penfold Street.

it is vital that we hear the views of residents and hope you will get involved by taking part in shaping this project from the start by filling in this survey. Enthusiastic residents are welcome as patrons, committee members, volunteers and of course, future film-goers.

Everyone filling in our survey who wants to be entered into our prize draw will have the chance to WIN a pair of cinema tickets and a box of chocolates as a thank you for taking part. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



Questions to Parliamentary Candidates

We thought it would be interesting to hear the thoughts of the five parliamentary candidates standing for the Broadland seat in the 2015 General Election.

We’ve sent each of them the same five questions and, when we receive answers, we’ll post them on this website for you to read.

1. Do you support the creation of the Aylsham Film & Arts Centre?

2. If you win the seat, how will you support the creation of the Aylsham Film & Arts Centre?

3. What is your current involvement with the arts?

4. If you win the seat, would you be prepared to be a patron of the Aylsham Film & Arts Centre, while you hold the seat?

5. What is your favourite film and why?


Watch this space for answers.


Democracy Club
If you aren’t sure who’s standing in the 2015 General Election, then this is quite a useful website:

First Meeting went really well!

Pleased to report that the first committee meeting went really well.  Lots of good discussion around the table, some clear decisions made and some real clarity about the way forward.

The major decision was to name the project – Aylsham Film & Arts Centre – The idea is to create a place to watch films and performance arts.

There’s lots of questions still to answer, but we are beginning to understand what those questions are.

We’d love your support for the idea.  Please like the Facebook Page and tell us what sort of shows you’d like to see at the Aylsham Film & Arts Centre.  Also please tell your friends.

Members of the committee will be talking to businesses in Aylsham and the surrounding area, talking to neighbours, researching and generally moving the project forwards.

We now have to put together our bid and hope we are successful in securing the building, so that the first big step of the project has been taken.