These films were shown in SEASON FIVE at Aylsham Picture House (September 2017 to February 2018)

The Eagle Huntress

WINNER OF OUR AUDIENCE VOTE. A hit at the Sundance and Telluride film festivals, “The Eagle Huntress” has been shaped with wide accessibility in mind. The subtitled dialogue is supplemented by gently didactic voice-over narration, read by the British actress Daisy Ridley (also credited as an executive producer).


The Lives of Others

Oscar winning first feature from von Donnersmark and is set in East Berlin in the 1980’s. The ministry of culture decides to investigate a successful playwright (Koch) and his actress lover (Gedeck). The bugging of his apartment by the Stasi profoundly affects the artists and their friends as well as the secret police surveillance expert (Muhe), who comes to question the ethics of his work.


Dr Zhivago

David Lean epic, more or less based on Boris Pasternak’s 1957 novel, is a cinematic feast for the eyes. It tells the story in flashback of the life of Zhivago (Sharif) and his wife Tonya (Chaplin) who first meet as children when the orphaned Zhivago is taken in by Tonya’s parents. Tonya and Zhivago eventually marry, but during the First World War and the Russian Revolution, Zhivago, by now a young doctor, meets and falls in love with the beautiful Lara (Christie), against the backdrop of the fighting and political intrigues



The action takes place in a pub in Oldham belonging to Harry Wade (Morrissey), once assistant to England’s most famous hangman, Albert Pierrpoint. It is 1965, and on the day the play opens, capital punishment has been abolished in Britain and Harry’s pub is filled with sycophantic admirers – as well as a slightly sinister young man from down south. When Harry’s daughter disappears, the plot thickens…..


West Side Story

West Side Story became one of the most popular film musicals in history largely because of the choreography and combination of jazz, acrobatics and ballet, winning ten academy awards.

Original music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.


Hidden Figures

The space race is on and and after successful Soviet satellite launches, the pressure mounts for America to be the first to reach the moon. Against a backdrop of racism and prejudice three black women prove that their expertise is indispensable to the NASA space programme.