Isabel pioneered the Public Art movement in the UK, acting as agent for Eastern Arts encouraging and advising on the use of the Arts Council’s Works of Art in Public Places funding scheme. During this time, she was also responsible for residencies, collections, loan schemes and policymaking.

From 1986 to 1990, Isabel was Visual Arts Co-coordinator for both the Glasgow Garden Festival and the National Garden Festival in Gateshead, orchestrating over 150 commissions, fundraising and initiating performance and education programmes. In parallel to these activities, Isabel formed ArtOffice which has provided advice on Public Art strategy and commissions management to the public and private sectors.

Isabel was Visiting Lecturer on Public Art and Commissions Management at the Royal College of Art, was a member of the Arts Council’s Visual Arts Exhibitions & Events Committee, the Architecture Advisory Group and the International Initiatives Advisory Panel and is a trustee of the Baltic Gallery, Gateshead. In 1991 Vasseur won the Arts Council British Gas Working for Cities award.

“I have thought for a long time how great it would be to have a vibrant, dynamic space for film and great performances, delivered in an intimate setting in my home town. Now is the moment to seize the opportunity but we need the support of the town to make it happen”.