Answers from Andrew Boswell, Green Party

Andrew Boswell - Green Party

1. Do you support the creation of the Aylsham Film & Arts Centre?
Yes.  It is important that whoever is elected Broadland MP, not just protects our market towns, but does everything to build community, and keep towns and villages sustainable and flourishing.  This is one such project, and if elected, I would strongly support it.

2. If you win the seat, how will you support the creation of the Aylsham Film & Arts Centre?
I would help the community lobby with the relevant organisations, and also help in raising funding.

3. What is your current involvement with the arts?
I have a wide interest in music, theatre and cinema.

4. If you win the seat, would you be prepared to be a patron of the Aylsham Film & Arts Centre, while you hold the seat?

5. What is your favourite film and why?
I don’t really have a favourite film, but I enjoy and I am moved by any film that challenges the ordinary.  I have recently enjoyed “Will & Testament” about Tony Benn, and Calvary about an Irish priest.  Both portray extraordinary human beings.


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