Got your tickets for “The Falling” from Barnwell’s yet?

We look forward to seeing you at our first screening for 2016 – Friday 8 January. There is a great cast in “The Falling” including Maxine Peak, Maisie Williams, Florence Pugh and Greta Scacchi. Set in a girls’ public school in 1969, it concerns the friendship between the rebellious and beautiful Abbie (Pugh) and her less than worldly-wise companion Lydia (Williams).

Gradually, more and more secrets are revealed, and the back stories of girls, staff and Lydia’s mum Eileen (Peake) add extra spice to the mysteries.

As the fainting fits alluded to in this film’s title become increasingly widespread at the school, the girls’ behaviour becomes more extreme.

This film was written and directed by the incredibly talented Carol Morley in 2014.

Box Office now open

We are thrilled to launch our website today with lots of information about Aylsham Picture House and the people involved in this project to bring film and the arts to the centre of Aylsham.

We hope that residents from Aylsham and the surrounding area will enjoy watching some of the leading movie stars (and some not so well known) in the comfort of the Town Hall from the end of August.

As we grow we hope to increase the number and frequency of films we can show and introduce special themed nights to include live performance to make each of these events more memorable.

Over the longer term we will also be developing a number of educational projects with local schools, colleges and those interested in life-long learning.

You can buy tickets for our films from Barnwell’s newsagents in the Market Place in central Aylsham and they cost £5 per film.